About The First Time Home Buyer’s Program

The thought of purchasing your first home can be exciting yet intimidating. This First Time Home Buyer’s Program is a step by step process that helps you to achieve your goal of homeownership at a pace that’s comfortable for you! After signing up, you will get an overview of the process, introduced to your team and then escorted to the next step! We will not stop until you get your keys to your first home!

Get Started!

Build confidence by having your team of experts throughout the entire process.


Our team of lenders have programs that can go as low as a 560 fico score

Credit Repair

Our credit repair team has had great success with repairing credit at a very low rate and a quick turnaround


Our real estate agents are waiting to get to know what’s important to you and helping you find your first home


Our home inspectors are prepared to look beyond what the eyes can see to ensure your home is sound


Our title attorneys dig deep to insure and protect the deed of your new home and to walk you through all of the closing paperwork in a way that is understandable and assuring


Does the program cost money?

The First Time Homebuyer’s Program is free of charge.

Will my credit be ran?

The first time homebuyer’s program does not run your credit, nor does it ask for any of your personal identifying information such as social security number. However, getting a lender’s approval is a part of the process, so after signing up the opportunity will come up for a loan officer to pull your credit.

Do I need to put money down?

This first time homebuyer’s program has a network of lenders with amazing programs that allow for down payment assistance. *This is subject to the ability to qualify for these programs.