Step One: Meet and Greet!

Now is the time you get a feel for your agent. We encourage you ask any question that you can think of- questions about your specific situation, questions about the program, any and every question that comes to mind are welcomed. The process is tedious and full of jargon that you may or may not be familiar with and we will do our best to address every aspect if it but asking tons of questions will only help you de-stress the home buying process!

We also want you to discuss your goals with your agent. Tell them about your current living situation, your desired timeframe and anything else that’s important to you.

*Great Idea*

Prior to meeting with your Realtor write down your “must-haves” so that your agent can keep them in mind during your home buying experience.

Schedule Meet & Greet

Schedule your preferred time for a Meet & Greet. You will be contacted to confirm your appointment.

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Step Two: Access our Lender

No Down Payment Options with Our Recommended Lenders

Our recommended lenders has exclusive offers and amazing loopholes for FTHB.

Side Bar:

It is okay if you have your own lender but we highly suggest using our lender. Our agents have built strong relationships and are very familiar with benefits and loan programs creating a smooth process for FTHB participants.

*Great Idea*

Be sure to discuss a comfortable monthly payment with your lender. This allows the lender to work backwards when doing their calculations and informing us with a purchase price that keeps you comfy.

Link: We created this apt opportunity so that you can complete your application over the phone with your lender. This make your mortgage application process much easier. The lender will also guide you and answer any questions you have during the completing of your application.

Step Three: Rapid Repair and Rescore!

(skip this step if you are approved by the lender)

We have a rapid credit repair team that works hand in hand with our recommended lenders.  They are able to remove specified items from your credit report and get your score to the required level.

FTHBP offers a powerful tool through our recommended lender called the Credit Expert. We have the ability to point out the effects of removing particular things off your credit report and detail how it will affect your score. This makes it very easy to get the score you need to qualify for your home loan.  We’ve had members pay a credit card down $300 and their score jump 60 points!  Once proof of payment is shown, our recommended lender has the ability to re-score you in a matter of 3 days. This will instantly qualify you and give you the ability to move forward with your purchase.