Step Four: Realtor Reconvene!

Now it’s time to tighten everything up! Here is where you meet with your realtor and confirm your budget, your wish list, must-haves, and desired locations. In return your realtor will confirm best times to schedule your appointment and to view homes. Your realtor will also go over expected costs of home inspections, earnest money and appraisals.

*Get Excited*

Your Realtor will recommend all the best websites for you to start looking at homes, they will also begin sending you listings as well as walking you through the process to receive instant notifications of new listings! Yay!

Step Five: 1 or 10!

Now for the fun part!

It’s time for you and your realtor to begin the touring! You may fall in love with the very first house you look at or you may need to tour 10 homes. Don’t feel pressured. Either way is okay with us!

We do ask that you maintain a flexible mindset during the season of home touring. This usually is contingent on the market and availability options of homes.

Our realtors are always on your side. They are in your life during this special and monumental season to serve you. Be open about your likes and dislikes. The more you Realtor knows about your true feelings, the easier it is to narrow down their search and provide you with a house  that you will love!

Step Six: No Pressure… Just Fall In Love

We live by the mantra: We don’t sell homes, homes will sell themselves. So when it’s for you, you will know!

With the FTHBP you will never feel obligated or pressured to buy your home. Every realtor associated with this program truly understands the power of loving your home and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to make you love something that isn’t intended for you.

It is exciting for our Realtors when they get to experience you fall in love with your home. So do us all a service and don’t settle.

Step Seven: Offer Up!!!

Some quick snippets of what you can experience during this part of the home buying process!

Your Realtor will effortlessly walk you through this part. Just remember to ask for what you want. Don’t waiver. Be specific.

Heads Up! In some markets you may be expected to move quickly on this step. Your Realtor will gauge when to go in firm and the appropriate timing of it all. But don’t worry! We got you covered.

A gentle reminder: Negotiating with banks is usually not a quick turnaround. Patience will be necessary in the event that you are purchasing a foreclosure or a short sale. Should any questions arise, feel free to ask your Realtor or send FTHBP a message! We are here to help!